This work was supported by a University of Kent, School of History, Centre for the History of the Sciences Research Award.

THERIAK | THERIACA  currently in development in collaboration with –  lic. phil. I Martin Kluge MAS, Pharmaziemuseum der Universität Basel).



Inspired by the interdisciplinary installation Theriak | The Past In The Present  and to gain a deeper understanding of historic strategies employed to fight disease, we re-created the famous cure-all Theriak by following a 17th century text. This has been subsequently followed by initial experiments exploring Theriaca’s potential inhibitory effect against bacteria.

Through this research we anticipate having:

  1. A deeper understanding of the manufacturing techniques of previous medicines
  2. A clearer understanding of historic concepts of disease and the strategies strategies to fight them
  3. An understanding of the potential historic knowledge may have in aiding the discovery of relevant sites of interest for contemporary scientific research

We intend to:

  1. Create interdisciplinary works for exhibition that present our research and ideas
  2. Publish a book detailing the extensive research and processes involved to recreate Theriaca
  3. Publish a paper examining our interdisciplinary research processes



lic. phil. I Martin Kluge MAS
Dr. Sabine Fehlmann
Philipp Koch
Dr Irene Wüthrich
Dr Steven Schmitt
Prof. Dr. Olivier Potterat
Prof. Charlotte Sleigh
University of Kent, School of History, Centre for the History of the Sciences