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“Welcome to Issue 37 of the Interalia Magazine, offering knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most exciting thinkers and practitioners.

between Art and Science is co-edited with Eleanor Armstrong (currently a PhD candidate at University College London). This issue explores how participants in interdisciplinary works between the arts and sciences collaborate together, what helps these collaborations take place, and the possibility of creating a space in between that encourages new thinking.

Contributions include articles by Eleanor ArmstrongJudit AguiCharles Ogilvie and Daniel CrowOron Catts and Ionat ZurrMelanie KingSarah Craske and Charlotte Sleigh, Svenja Kratz and Jacina Leong ; interviews with Otavio Schipper and Sergio KrakowskiAlex de VriesAgnes Meyer-BrandisCharles CottonTom Robinson and Pinar Yoldas; plus a review essay by Charissa Terranova on Harmonious Complexity, An Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years of On Growth and Form’.”


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    Stephen melton
    December 1, 2017

    Loved the gallery of prints

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