Photograph by Vic Phillips


Bacteria were isolated by us from the colonies that arose from the Biological Hermeneutic Prints. These were sub-cultured by streak dilution to ensure pure strains were attained, then subsequently stored in cryovials at -80 degrees centigrade ready for DNA analysis. Instead of disposing of the used Petri dishes & agar, as would be normal scientific practice, we carefully dried the bacteriological agar to generate thin glass-like films to preserve the biological information in an alternative, less conventional (in scientific terms) manner, ready for archival storage.

We designed and built the archive, ready to store the bacteria harvested from the book. The bacteria have been identified, labels will be updated & further samples will continue to be added. This developing archive will be the first of many relating to the transdiscipline, Biological Hermeneutics.


Dr Simon Park | Senior Lecturer in Microbiology | University of Surrey
Dr Charlotte Sleigh | Historian of Science | University of Kent
The Arts & Humanities Research Council
Central Saint Martins | MA Art & Science